Comel Cat Contest  

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Salam, and Hello to all.

Sorry I haven't updated my blog for ........ so long! ;p I had been ....... busy (??) HEHE

But here I am updating you with Orion's activities. He participated in yesterday's event : the Comel Cat Contest, organized by the GreenFrog Management Services held on 15th July 2010 at Yayasan Complex SHHB. THANK YOU ORGANIZERS!~

Well, I know, I know. Enough chatter, more pictures, right? ;p Here are photos of Orion during the contest =)

Here are the results:

  1. ZARAKI (M)
  2. BRIAN (M)
  3. P.M aka Precious Metal (M)
  4. TWIN (M)
  5. ORION (M)
  7. TIGER (M)
  8. CHOKI (M)
  9. KITTY (F)
  10. ROSSO (M)

  2. SOLO (M)
  3. MULAN (F)
  4. HENRY (M)
  5. GUAPO (M)
  6. MEY MEY (M)
  7. MARU (F)
  8. PUCCA (F)
  9. FIFFY (F)
  10. MELLY (F)

Thanks for viewing!


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the sisters  

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Hello and Good Morning, everyone.

I have new additions to the cat family. Sisters! Well, I know how much most people hate to READ blogs. LOL! Everyone prefers pictures to texts. So here they are.

Rara Darling is the Silver-Shaded or Blue-Smoke petite girl with the cute short tail. And the solid black sure is a complainer, her me is Felicia Swift. LOL!

Please note that the girls are the same age as ORION, except ORION is older by a few weeks.

An here are a few snaps of ORION, the handsome.
Or should I say, OVER-GROWN BABY. LOL!
He just finished grooming himself,
and I think he might have forgotten to put his tongue back. LOL!

There's the handsome ORION we know and love.

+ : + : + : + : +

And here are pictures taken on our way to the vet the next morning.
Only a few shots to share.
 ORION doesn't like being in his carrier during car-rides,
so I thought he won't mind that the sisters borrowed his.

Rara at the back, and Felicia up front, complaining.

There's ORION, hushing the complainer. LOL!

Yup, that's a long queue getting off the high-way.

I named the silver-shaded or blue-smoke "Rara" after Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance". HEHE and "Darling" simply because she is a DARLING, and a sweetheart, too. Not to mention, a shadow and always lying down next to my feet, or arm, or face. Errr, yeah. And she even sleeps next to  my pillow.

And the solid black is Felicia Swift. She is rather sneaky, and enjoys her own company, prefers to be left alone --- especially by Orion. LOL!

She doesn't mind rolling around with Rara, but with Orion....? She hisses every time Orion jumps on her to play. Well, I can't blame her since Orion IS a giant baby. Yeah, she's not that friendly, but she sure enjoys company from her human aka ME. LOL!

Sadly I have to put Felicia in the cage in my room. She's being quarantined, and she hates it. Vet said she has fleas, but it's not that serious, though.

The good thing is, the cage is next to the cat-tree, and she can scratch and bite on the loose nylon rope. Rara and Orion would come up to her whenever they hear that faint scratching sound coming from the cat-tree.

At least she's not abandoned at all by her playmates. *sigh* I cuddle her most of the time, but it is risky for the other cats since I have to handle them too.

hamsters for sale [UPDATED]  

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Well as requested. Here are pictures of Muffin and Scotch's 1st litter. All six of them. I'm only putting FIVE of them up for sale. I'm keeping one. One little guy I keep calling "Batman". LOL! Because when he was a baby he looked as if he was wearing a mask.

Okay, so there are FIVE Long-Haired Syrian Hamsters:
THREE Females:
- TWO Golden-Banded just like their mother,
- ONE Cinnamon-Banded (Red-Eyes) just like the father. [SOLD]

TWO Males:
- Cinnamon-Banded (Red-Eyes) just like the father.
- Golden-Banded just like their mother. [SOLD]

** Date of Birth: 7th March 2010 [ONLY THREE LEFT]
** Price: BND8.00 each, TWO for BND15.00, ALL THREE for BND20.00

+ : + : + : + : +


Below, pictures of the mother and the pups.
Don't mind the lump in her cheeks. She has food in them.
Penapauan LOL!

Below is the father, Scotch. He is in his individual cage now.

And last but not least, Ginger.
She successfully gave birth to FIVE PUPS.
I'm not sure when, but I'm guessing it was 28th March 2010, the day I got back from Miri.
When I got back, I went to check up on the hamsters.
They were all over the bars when they saw me.
When I looked at Scotch & Muffin's cage, I saw these pink wriggling things.
Oh well, Congratulations, Ginger.
And don't worry, I think she's a better mom now. Whenever I went to check up on Muffin's pups and Scotch's endless needs of food, I peeked a glance over Ginger's cage and she's being the attentive, loving mother. Always tending to her pups. Way to go, MAMA!


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ORION is 4-months old today, and he is sleeping at Shaggy's Fave Spot right now. *away, takes picture of him kajap* LOL! Got it! ;p

HAHA! He woke up when I came up.
And that last photo is PRICELESS!
Look at all those baby teeth LOL!


Mummy wishes you a long, wild life -- but not too wild --
and also wishes you to stop muzzling me in the middle of the night. LOL!

Here are some of ORION's photos taken a few days ago.
Sexy pose? Have you been looking through my magazines?

His usual routine, watching me browse the internet.

Trying to block the camera.

looking pleased with himself.

Well, knock yourself out, BIRTHDAY BOY!